Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tart experiences medical stapling!

I just recently received the photos from the stapling scene I did in Detroit. The expression on my face in the photos is amazingly blissful. I look stoned, strung out on the endorphins from the rush of pain and excitement. Looking at them brings back a flood of memories. It’s almost a contact high remembering the sensation of the staples piercing my skin, the intoxication of the endorphins rushing into my blood stream, and the beauty that I felt being a canvas mounted with ribbon and steel. After my experience, medical stapling is now one of my new favorite activities.

I met Mr. about two hours into the play party. We had negotiated the scene online and I remember being on pins and needle awaiting his arrival. Thank goodness I had some time before the stapling to get in on an amazing whip scene with a very dear friend. That kept me occupied for some time! When he came through the doors I thought I would go insane with all the pent up anticipation.

Mr. had a large assortment of ribbon just for me! It was really sweet that he wanted to make my first experience special. He asked me what colors and what type of ribbon I wanted to use for the corset. I had my choice of packaging ribbon of assorted colors, and metallic ribbon that could be conducted with the violet wand. I had my sights on trying it out with the violet wand so I chose a shimmering red and pink metallic ribbon. He put down a plastic sheet in case things got messy, gave me a short pep talk about what kind of sensation I might experience when the staple went in, and other preparatory information. Finally, I laid down on my back, and he proceeded to staple from below my collarbone down my breast toward my nipple.

The sensation felt like a tight pinch as the staple went in and then a quick release. He stapled down one tit and then the next. I began to breath slower, each staple an impact that crept deep inside me, the endorphins buzzed through my body. He then started lacing up the staples with ribbon, and the sensation of the ribbon tugging gently at the staples is just as amazing. After he finished I couldn't keep my hands off them. I tapped on them, tugged at the ribbon, and wiggled the stapled back in forth, exploring the sensations.

I have tried needles in the past, and they had close to no effect on me. I thought this experience would be much of the same sensation, enjoyable but not pleasurable. I found my experience to be the exact opposite. It was extremely pleasurable, and took me higher than I could have ever imagined. I wanted to share this as a way of thanking so many people who helped me along the way. The wonderful couple who sent me the staple gun and remover free of charge, as well as Mr., who let me experience something outside of my "skill set" in a safe and secure environment. 

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