Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thank you

All that shone that night was a red light in the upper left corner of the room. I opened my eyes and all I could see was red. Violent red walls like red shadows closing in around me. His figure was hidden from my gaze, as he stood behind me, but I could feel his presence. Especially when he drew close to my side and brushed his lips against my neck. I shuddered as he chuckled, the arrogant bastard that he is. He could smell my fear; it radiated from my flesh.

He tucked the whip under his arm, and I could feel the leather rub against my bare back. Then I felt the touch of his soft yet callused fingers graze my shoulders. I moaned deeply as his nails dug into my flesh. I knew he loved the sounds that I made when he touched me, my cunt willingly moist while my brain struggled to resist. He knows me so well it’s disgusting. At that moment he commanded that I open my thighs as his hand traveled down my spine to grip my ass and cup my cunt from behind, making me sick to my stomach with fear and lust.

“Just do it already,” I said nastily, unable to bear this anticipation any longer. I squirmed against his touch as he pushed two fingers into me in response. Not the kind I had expected or wanted, nonetheless, a deft response. I cried out as he whispered into my ear the horrific ideas blooming inside his sadistic mind. He pinched my cunt lip and backed away from me. My hands were bound high on the wall to secure any thoughts against escape.

He drew back his hand, uncoiling the treated leather of the whip, now tough and taught from use. Before I heard the first crack from his skilled hand I closed my eyes and sucked air deep into my lungs, preparing for the pain and joy that awaited me in this frightening room. The first crack was only a warning, that he had found his mindset and I should ready myself for the coming strokes of his whip. I exhaled and counted in my head: 1… 2…3.

The first caress of the whip was like a kiss on my back. I took a deep breath and released it from my parted lips with a moan. I pressed myself against the wall to stick out my ass; it would soon become his target. His hands were skilled and he wielded his whip with precision. The cracker pelted my flesh over and over again causing me to whimper and moan as the sensation continued to build.

The final snap of his wrist sent me over the edge. I breathed a sigh of relief as I felt his body press against me, caressing my thighs, and brushing away the sweat drenched hair from my neck. His lips were warm and welcomed when he kissed me tenderly on the shoulder. Before he untied my wrists he leaned in and whispered “thank you.”

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