Wednesday, February 1, 2012

EdenFantasys 100$ Post-Valentines Day Gift Card Giveaway

It’s time again to celebrate another month of Winter as well as a nauseating love fest with an EdenFantasys Gift Card Giveaway!! I’ve been working hard for months, and I am finally ready to release the rules and regulations for the EdenFantasys 100$ Post-Valentines Day Gift Card Giveaway.

That’s right! You won’t have it on or before Valentines Day, but suck it up, because you may be the proud winner of a brand new Hitachi vibrator (or whichever hot item you choose) to keep you warm during the blustery month of March!!


Throughout the month of February I will post banners in advertisement of Edenfantasys. Each post will also include information about my affiliate code (SK6). When the code is used it will gift any customer with 15% off their entire purchase.

In order to enter you must reblog a banner from Good Dollie (my Tumblr page) including all text provided. One reblog per day will be permitted. If the text is removed, or tampered with, the reblog will be excluded from my count.

To increase your chances of winning you may also send a message at any time, without limit, to my inbox at Good Dollie. Anonymous messages (even if they include your Tumblr link, blog title, etc.) will not be counted!

Stay warm!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Leaving ChicagoLand

Leaving Chicago was one of the hardest things I have done in a long time. I didn't expect to leave with tear stained cheeks and a smile on my face. He made me cry, that was his intention, though I'm positive the situation wasn't on our agenda.

The days, hours, minutes dragged on as I became even more excited about spending the weekend with a man I felt a deep connection with. The day finally came, and I awoke at 7am, ready to go. I still had some last minute things to finish; such as packing a few items of clothing, and making sandwiches for the 6 hour drive. I finally got on the road at 9am and was already fretting about penetrating the city limits of Chicago.

The weekend started with a bang. We had bantered months ago about how I would happen into his home. I expressed I wanted to get there early to beat the Chicago traffic rush. He suggested that I come early, and that he would leave a key to let myself in. Instead of being subtle about my desires for the weekend ahead, I suggested that I wait for him to come home naked on my knees. It was decided from that moment that it would be done.

I felt naked and vulnerable in his home. I had hours to explore while he continued his work day. He sent a text stating he would be about ten minutes before he would be at the door. I prepared myself and rested on my hands and knees wearing only a pair of black patent high heels. Although I had fantasies about this for weeks, I had no idea how I would feel when I would hear his feet on the steps, the key in the lock, or his voice as he allowed himself into his home. A home I had trespassed into.

The feeling was something of a mingling of fear and bliss. His voice, a soft "hello?" as he walked through the door. I couldn't speak. I was gone by the time he closed the door behind him. My gaze stayed on the hardwood floor beneath me, but his presence washed over me in a wave of warmth. His hands easily took me to the place that I needed to be for months.

I left with a hopeful spirit. I left longing for more.