Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Service Resume

The service resume. It is a resume: a culmination of talents, gifts, or traits, that I am able to offer as a submissive to a prospective dominant, top, switch, etc. It is something that is continually updated, just like a business resume. Like a business resume, references would be helpful as well. It can be simple, or elaborate, depending on personality and style. I wanted to share mine as an example, and to mark my progress.

What I am offering the dominant of my choice.

I am honest. That might be a trait that is over looked in society, but it is a value that is very important to me.

I am intelligent. I may make mistakes, but I learn quickly. I excel in mathematics, communications, and I know my way around a computer.

I love with my whole heart. I care deeply for my friends and family. Often I care so much for others that I forget to care for myself.

I make goals and I stick with them. I am still in college. I transferred to a community college after a year in an expensive private college. Even though my first attempt failed, I am still taking classes for my degree. I don’t believe anything would stop me from reaching that goal.

I am a masochistic submissive. I enjoy painful sensation as a part of my service.

I am a sexual being. In a relationship I give myself fully, sexually, and emotionally. I am also comfortable in overt and covert sexual situations.

I am detailed oriented. I follow orders and expectations set for relationships as well as play sessions.

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  1. I came to visit your blog and admired fiqeui with your care and quality, one that delights Submissive as you have my admiration, I hope to read some comments of yours on my blog,

    Mr. Lucius.