Monday, April 25, 2011

Kinks on Parade!

The ever popular: 30 Days of Kink

Day 2

Inquiry: List your kinks.

Response: Alright. I hate lists (for the most part) but I shall list my kinks for you. You know that this means I will need a definition of kink. Oh, you have one? Well, splendid!

"Kink-y 2. Slang of or relating to eccentric sexual practices." Hrm, well that doesn’t sound too positive. What about fetish?
"Fet-ish 2. An object of excessive attention or reverence. 3. An obsessive attachment: fixation." Not too shabby. Whatever you call them, here they are: my kinks, fetishes, and current interests.
  • collar and leash
  • biting
  • Daddy/little girl
  • whipping
  • rope bondage
  • choking
  • spanking
  • medical skin stapling
  • leather corsets
  • stun guns
  • flogging
So, I have a list. A list doesn’t give much insight into why I like what I like. It saves time, for sure, but It only exposes a snap shot of my lifestyle life. Intricate details about my interests can only be found out by engaging with me, talking to me, playing with me. I’m hardly shy. I’ll talk about just about anything with just about anyone.

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