Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I trust him in a way that is so natural, unlike anything I have ever experienced before. We have been dating for a couple of weeks now and the anticipation is killing me. He has been teasing me all night, cupping my ass as we dance, nuzzling, whispering sweetly into my ear. My panties are already soaked and we haven’t even left the club. He got a room at the hotel for the evening where we could explore each other without the hindrance of the outside world. It would become a shelter in which our fantasies would become reality.

We have been talking about our fantasies for weeks, enough to drive me insane with wild thoughts of my hands bound, helpless, completely at his mercy. He wanted to drive me crazy. He wanted me to need him so much that I can’t stand it. The control he has over my body is baffling. I wanted to drag him out of this chaotic club and into the warm seclusion of our secret chamber.

He took my hand and smiled softly. I wish I knew what went on inside that sadistic mind of his. Slowly, he walked me out the double doors of the club and along the hallway to the metallic elevator doors. He glanced back and forth, so subtly I didn’t even notice until he pushed me up against the wall suddenly. Bewildered, I frantically looked to see if anyone had been watching. He was only looking at me, to see the fear and excitement in my eyes. He held my chin steadily in his large beautiful hand, forcing me to look up into his face. Not a word could express what he expected of me. I closed my eyes and in a fraction of a moment his lips were on mine. My thighs spread and he enveloped my body, extinguishing the space between us. I could feel his chest against mine, his pulsing cock under his jeans rubbing against my wet panties.

I heard the ding of the elevators arrival. We broke briefly, my heart pounding, eyes glazed. Not a soul spewed from the elevator. I felt as if we were the only people left on earth. Again he took me by the wrist and guided me into the elevator, pushed the button for the fourth floor, and leaned casually against the wall. I lunged at him again, wanting more sweet kisses from his soft lips. He simply said “no” in a calm manner. I pouted but complied. Standing there beside him, an eternity seemed to pass as the elevator climbed upward. He put his hand on the small of my back, softly caressing, watching me the entire time but my eyes were on the doors. They opened and I waited for him to initiate my next move. He pushed gently at my back, beckoning me to walk forward and out into the hall. We walked side my side, his hand traveling up my back toward my neck, holding me gently, his fingers gliding into my hair.

At the door to our room I waited as he unlocked the door and brought me inside. I surveyed the room as he turned the lock of the door. It made an audible click as it locked into place. Gold covered the room. It specked the duvet on the enormous king sized bed, the furniture accented with glittering golden throw pillows. Enamored by the room, I became distracted, but felt centered and whole as I felt his body against mine again. He unzipped the backing of my dress achingly slow. He kissed and caressed my shoulders, his teeth sinking in briefly, causing me to sigh and lean back against him. When he had completely unzipped the dress he circled me in his arms. His fingers clawed at the gown, now loose on my body, pushing and tugging until it fell to the floor around my stilettos.

He roamed freely now; over my almost naked body, fingering the lace of my bra, pushing against it to cup my breast, teasing the already hard nipple. His other hand rubbed at my cleft, growling warmly against my ear when he felt the wetness. “Are you ready?” he whispered. I whimpered in reply. How confident I was only an hour ago, when I thought I was in control. He makes me forget about control. It is insignificant when I am in his arms.

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  1. Love it. When I read your erotica I can't help but imagine you as the little subby protagonist.. <3